The Rules of the Clan Chat

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The Rules of the Clan Chat Empty The Rules of the Clan Chat

Post  Lady11 on Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:07 am

Thank you for choosing Helios Prime!

We are a clan of diverse people. Helping each other and having fun is what we are all about. With that fun comes some hard work to keep our Tier 7 Citadel up and running. We love to skill together so working in the citadel is always a great time. Who doesn't love free xp!?!

Please read the rules below and fill out an application.


1. Collect your resources each week according to the details on the thread "Star City-Capping Details".
2. Signing up for our off site forum is requires as that is where all of our information is posted.
3. Post a screen shot following the guidelines on our off-site forum.
4. No swearing, including acronyms.
5. Treat all with respect.
6. Follow all Jagex rules. Botting and hosting scamming games will result in an automatic kick.
7. No asking/begging for free stuff/money.

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