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Post  Berren86 on Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:42 pm

Clan ranks are important for various reasons:

As our clan grows, ranks will help you to stand out above new members.

The higher your rank, the more input you will have in the development of our citadel.
We appreciate you have gathered the same resources as others and we want your opinion on what to do with them.
We are a democracy and we do take clan members ideas on board!

It helps leaders to work out who they can rely on to get their resources.
This is important as big upgrades (such as Tier Upgrades) may only be achievable with enought hard working members.

Below is a list of requirement we have to achieve each rank:
In addition to these requirements, your activity is important.
Speak up in the clan chat and attend or organise events.
We want to get to know you better before we start giving out higher ranks.

We work ranks out on a points basis.
Various Clan based acivities can earn you points.
These activities are:

Citadel capping
Event activity (running, helping or taking part),
Recruiting new members
General helpful behaviour

The numbers in brackets indicate the total points you need to achieve that rank.

We will aim to keep ranks as up-to-date as we can, but know that you will always be rewarded for what you contribute.

We are doing away with capshots on the whole, as the citadel is practically maxed, we want the skilling side of things
to be more optional. We will still need to cover upkeep, but after that, get whatever xp you want up there.

However, please visit the citadel as soon as you can after the build tick to maintain head-count (HC).

We need to know what you have done!
If you are chasing ranks, pls note down what you have done on the ranks threads so we can add it to your score.


We will only de-rank if a player:
Does not visit the citadel, but they are online often.
Shows serious bad behaviour.

We will only kick 1bar ranks who remain inactive in the cc, people caught breaking any Jagex rules or anyone who causes a serious breach of trust.

1 Bar Ranks - Recruit
New Clan Member/ Clan Member on Probation/ Low activity Member

2 Bar Ranks - Corporal (2)
Once off probation, cap once (following the list) and post on the forum to achieve this rank or ask an admin to check your cap.
As soon as you do this, notify an admin and you will receive your rank.
NEW ABILITIES: Recruit other members
Access Clan Theatre
Access Battlefield

3 Bar Rank - Sergeant (08)
Visit Citadel quickly and regularly

Bronze Star - Lieutenant (20)
NEW ABILITIES: Use of the Clan Private Meeting rooms

Silver Star - Captain (40)
Additional Role of encouraging clan members to gather their resources.
Additional Role of reporting good clan behaviour directly to Admins.
NEW ABILITIES: Can edit the Clan Battlefield

Gold Star - General (70)
Admin Apprentice
NEW ABILITIES: Check resources of other Members

Admin Ranks (100)
They report directly to Clan Leaders.
Admins are currently Rated in Clan Wars.
They have the ability to kick other Clan Members.
Admins have the ability to summon our Clan Avatars.
They have the ability to check other members resources.
All admins must have shown a great commitment to the clan.
Admins can help initiate Clan events, ask them if you have an event in mind and they will help organise it.

Admin & Organiser
Chat Moderator
Enforcing Clan

Coordinatior & Overseer
Responsible for ensuring resource ammount in the citadel are at an acceptable level.
They can isuue new recource targets individually should it be appropriate.

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Clan Ranks Empty Summary

Post  Berren86 on Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:45 pm

Capping and Posting - Collecting resources and posting capshots will still be the fastest way to get promoted.

Teaching - Explaining to new members how the citadel works and citadel tours.

Recruiting - If you recruit a new member be sure to post on the invite section of forumotion. Recruiting goes hand in hand with teaching! Make sure they know all about us.

Encouraging - Encouraging other members to cap, doing resource check and posting checks.

Run Event - Organize and run events and helping other organize and run events. This includes promoting the event, organizing times, arranging prizes if necessary and following all event rules.

Attend Event - Sign up for events, attend events, follow the rules of the event and encourage others to join in.

Miscellaneous - General chatting in the clan chat, welcoming new people, following all chat rules, having a pleasant attitude and anything else not covered by the above areas.

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